We strive to make our pricing model as transparent as possible. When you understand what to expect, we can work together more effectively. Our fees are currently split into two separate categories: one-time charges and reoccurring fees.

One-time charges are single charges which specifically scoped services. You will only be charged once for this service, but they may be stacked together to provide a comprehensive scope and statement of work contract. One-time charges are split into base and addon charges. Base charges are built into the core cost structure, and are part of the default offering. Addons come in two concepts: single and multi. Single addons are single, one-time charges that can’t be repeated. Multi addons are one-time charges for multiple versions of the same service, designed to encapsulate common behaviour. See each offering for more details.

Reoccurring fees are ongoing monthly maintenance fees used to assess ongoing services such as support, maintenance, or ongoing features. Reoccurring fees contain multipliers which allow us to be able to support your application and it’s complexity. Multipliers are best understood as percentages of the base charge.


All charges and fees relating to microservices.

One-time Charges

Item Price Type Explanation
Base Fee $3500 Base This is the base fee for any microservice development, it includes a single CRUD endpoint
Additional CRUD Endpoints $500 Multi Addon A single resource-oriented endpoint
Workflow $1500 Multi Addon A unit of business logic or an advanced data operation
Authentication $1000 Single Addon Add authentication logic (dependent on interfaces)
TLS $500 Single Addon Support custom TLS certificates
CockroachDB $1500 Single Addon Support for CockroachDB instead of PostgreSQL

Reoccurring Fees

Here are the reoccurring fees related to microservices. They are levied once per month. Non-production support provides minor changes, such as dependency upgrades, bug fixes, documentation fixes, questions, and other minor support needs. Production support provides support for deployments, upgrades, and is inclusive of non-production support needs - this does not include system outages.

Multipliers are modifications to the base fees depending on features and functionality added to the initial build, on a scale of 0 to 1. For example, if your microservice has one included endpoint and one extra endpoint, you would have a base support fee plus a multiplier of 0.1, or 10%. This allows our support overhead to scale with the complexity of the microservices we're contracted to build.

Item Price Type Multiplier Explanation
Non-production support $250 Base 0 Non-production support for a single microservice
Production Support $500 Base 0 Full production support for a single microservice
Endpoint Support Multiplier 0.1 Support for CRUD endpoints
Workflow Support Multiplier 0.2 Support for your business workflows
Authentication Support Multiplier 0.05 Support for any changes to your authentication strategies


Here is an example cost of a microservice with 3 different endpoints, 2 workflows, and authentication.

Item Quantity Price
Base Fee 1 $3500
Additional Endpoints 2 $1000
Workflows 2 $2000
Authentication 1 $1000
Total $7500

For production support of the same microservice, here are the monthly reoccurring fees.

Item Quantity Price
Base Fee 1 $500
Additional Endpoints 2 $100
Workflows 2 $200
Authentication 1 $25
Total $825/mo